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Artogna Expert

The Artogna torrent, which we have divided into three sections, to enable everyone to visit it, is the absolute top canyoning destination in the whole Valsesia Valley, and one of the most renowned at national level.

The Artogna torrent flows in a valley of the same name, meeting the Sesia River slightly upstream from Campertogno, where Eddyline has its basecamp. This torrent offers a full array of canyoning skill levels and activities. Here, there is the highest abseil of all the torrents of the Valley, the Tinaccio; an astonishing 47 metre waterfall (expert level). It features waterfalls, slides, toboggans etched out of the rocks by the millenary action of the water, pools of crystal-clear water where the local Alpine brown trout can be seen. In short, it’s a natural ‘water park’ to enjoy diving, climbing, wading, sliding down toboggans, and abseiling down cliff faces when these are too high to jump off.

The descent of any of the three sections involves a short trip by minibus to reach the start of the path leading up the Artogna Valley, where we can admire the spectacular Tinaccio waterfall, about 47 metres high (included in the ‘Expert’ excursion). We take this path and climb for 20 to 35 minutes (indicatively, based on the size of the group and their level of fitness) to reach the chosen ‘entry point’ of the torrent.

This activity is carried out during the whole week, from Monday to Sunday.

This excursion includes the ‘intermediate’ section and then continues to the Rusa hamlet (Campertogno) where the exit is at a small stone footbridge. Therefore it embodies the scenery of the intermediate section together with the ‘technicality’ of the downstream section. At the intermediate exit point, we continue further, with a leap to enter the gorge leading to the Tinaccio waterfall (approx. 47 metres). This is followed by another waterfall about 30 metres high and then we reach the end of the section with leaps or abseiling, wading and slides. Unspoilt nature! Medium/high level of difficulty. Ideal as a third outing or those with previous experience. Not suitable for novices.

from June to September (activity start-up and closure may be influenced by levels of seasonal river depths).

This is a group activity, formed by a minimum of 3 people. Suitable for those with previous experience.

Excursion length
Approximately 6 to 6 and half hours, including travel from and to the basecamp, kitting-up and descent techniques and river safety briefing. Excursion duration may vary on the basis of the number of participants in the group, their speed along the route and in the gorge, water levels and weather conditions.

Canyoning – Valsesia – Intermediate Artogna excursion 79.00 Euro (per person)

The price includes:

  • Guide
  • All sports equipment necessary for the excursion;
  • Travel to and from the river from the basecamp;
  • Changing rooms and warm showers;
  • Use of the sports and general facilities of the School;
  • Meals and accommodation when foreseen

What to bring: swimming costume, a fleece or microfibre shirt (those used for skiing are fine), socks, trainers with non-slip soles or lightweight hiking boots, personal items for showering and a dry change of footwear.

Do you want to spend some time in the valley and don’t know where to sleep or eat? .
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