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Do you want to train your staff using activities in the open air, in a healthy environment in a natural setting? Alternatively, do you want to celebrate a special occasion, the award of a big contract, rewarding your sales or production or administration department, or any other occurrence worthy of a celebration? Do you want to reinforce bonds, make new friends, organize an unforgettable day immersed in Nature for your gym, club?
Eddyline has specifically designed the Outdoor Team Building for companies. It is training for companies carried out in the open air, far from the normal work setting, in this case the river: a healthy setting in contact with nature, where the educational activities take place.

The Outdoor Team Building is training for companies carried out in the open air – therefore outside the normal workplace – in a healthy setting in contact with nature, which is the backdrop to the training activity.
The training consists of a balanced mix of activities, which solicit an emotional response of the participants and a part of structured “classroom” education.
All the sports activities and physical exercise are not and end unto themselves; rather they are designed to relate back to the “archetypical concept of business”, therefore enabling participants to learn – in a new, fun and efficient way – all the tools and useful skills to improve work methods and the company climate.
The outdoor training approach overcomes the separation between theory and practice: physical and mental experimentation in a new, stimulating and unique context act as a catalyser for the educational intent.


There is a physical sense of wellbeing stimulated by close contact with nature, together with having fun carrying out the more or less challenging activities with your colleagues. Together with the focus on the personal dimension of the individual and his relationship inside the group, in addition to the strong emotional connection. All of the above amplify the cognitive capacities of the participants, leading to a quicker learning process and stronger and longer-lasting imprinting.

Outdoor Team Building targets those companies who recognize the close bond between business results and the human component, who want to achieve increased motivation of their staff members and intend to forge winning teams.

The outdoor activities in a river context provided by Eddyline have been designed and implemented to become the “experiential channel”, in other words the instrument through which the learning process happens, targeting the educational objective. All activities are always followed by a debriefing session, in which the educational elements are provided in a structural manner.

All activities are supervised by a skilled team who, at all moments, by ensuring safety allow all participants to enjoy the events and to learn in unconditional peace of mind. The activities are considered “immediately accessible” in the sense that no specific technical skills or preparation is necessary.

The activities are divided into two distinct categories due to the type of activity and the educational goals: “River Sports” (normal river sports) and “River Challenges” (activities and competitions in a river context).

The outdoor training programme provided by Eddyline focuses on topics that lead to both personal development and team development:

Team building
How to build a winning team, tight-knit and efficiently goal-oriented, by means of empowerment and motivation of the single individual.

Effective management techniques of operational teams using motivation, delegation, facilitation skills and trust.

Communication skills
How to succeed in forming interpersonal relationships using effective and persuasive communication, responsive and empathetic listening and public speaking.

Problem solving
How to face and resolve problems using creative stimulus and a structured approach to decision-making.

Time stress management
Efficient management of time, contingencies and conflicts complying with project objectives. How to recognize stress and use it proactively.

The training approach is based on the concept that the learning curve of an individual is enhanced in conditions of physical and mental wellness; the experience that (positively) involves the mental state of the participant ensures better memory imprinting.

The training programmes provided by Eddyline are always carried out in three fundamental phases:

  • Experimentation through physical/sports activities (I play)
  • Achievement of physical/mental wellbeing (I feel well)
  • Learning through structured debriefing (I understand)

In all the phases of the event, the individual and the group are the protagonists; the training team plays the role of facilitator, guidance towards educational objectives and successively will provide a structured illustration of the lessons learned.

Before each activity, the Eddyline team dedicates ample time to outline the “technical” aspects of the activity: the objective, the rules, the instruments, the equipment, with a specific focus on the necessary precautions so that the activity is executed in complete safety and at ease.

During the actual activity, the team continuously supervises and assists all participants, ensuring participation and involvement of all members of the group.

Training design
The programme and training curricula are designed in advance together with the Client, based on:

  • Needs analysis
  • The profile of the target team (age, skills, aptitude for physical activity)
  • educational objective (topics and methods of execution)

Federico Maggiani
He is co-founder and operations director of Eddyline.
He is a River Guide Instructor and also Canoe Instructor (FICT), V level Rafting Guide and Instructor (F.I.Raft), Hydrospeed Guide (A.I.Hydro), and certified canoe Instructor (FICK). He is also certified by the American Rescue 3 International at level “SRT1” and “SRT2” as a swiftwater and flood rescue technician instructor. He is a member of the Italian Canoe Academy (FICT) and is part of the River Guide examining/training board and of the Rafting Guide training/examining board.

Michele Cucchi
MonterosaSki Safety Director
Member of the Alagna Valsesia Alpine Guide Corps

Marco Locatelli
Eddyline Management Training Manager
Management Consultant
NASE certified diver guide, skipper, Alpine skiing junior instructor

Julia Geffers
Human Resources Management Consultant
Master in Communication&Media
Speaks 5 languages fluently

Are you a company wanting to celebrate a special occasion, the award of a big contract, rewarding your sales or production or administration department for achievement of excellent results, or any other occurrence worthy of a celebration? Eddyline with its outdoor activities is your choice.

A team of professionals specialized in the outdoor sector, a relaxed and cosy friendly atmosphere, a basecamp nestled in the mountains of the upper Sesia Valley in a natural setting with a football field, tennis courts, bowls, beach volley, table tennis, natural rock training area, bar, ‘trattoria’, pizzeria and a grill for tasty Argentinian barbecues, all this at your fingertips to ensure your event is a success.

There are standard proposals for one or more days, and many others can be tailored to the specific needs of the participants, how fit they are, their preferences towards specific outdoor activities.

Contact us and we will organize an unforgettable day for your company.

Do you want a special Outdoor Team Building event? In a really special location? Alternatively, do you want to award special incentive travel to your staff and collaborators? Or a mixture?

You found it: Patagonia! An enchanted territory, where distances are immense, like its mountains and natural landscapes. A land from various standpoints still unspoilt, a location where it is still possible to taste the real joy of life in close contact with nature.

During our travels, we discovered Patagonia and said to ourselves: this is the outdoor sports paradise! Therefore, we chose it for two clear reasons: because it’s an enchanting place and because from an outdoor activity perspective it offers wide-ranging activities in majestic natural settings.

Do you have a specific requests or want more information about the proposals? Get in touch and together we can create your overseas event.


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