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The passion for the river is the driving force behind the foundation of the Eddyline Amateur Sports Association in 2001: an outdoor sports centre where it is possible to learn and practice kayaking together with other river sports, to enable everyone to actively engage with the river, to live what we call “The River Experience”.


The river is the driving force behind the foundation of Eddyline in 2001.
This is the year in which Mauro’s idea of opening a Kayak School meets the approval and obtains the backing of Federico.
This shared outlook sets the basis for the foundation of a School with features that range from focus on methodology and training tools, to forming relationships and placing emphasis on friendship. A Centre where it is possible to learn and do kayaking, together with other river activities such as Rafting, Canyoning, Hydrospeed, enabling everyone to live the river to the full, experiencing what we call “The River Experience”. So Eddyline was founded, an outdoor centre for river sports enclosing a state-of-the-art Kayak School for its teaching methods and educational tools, and other river activities which orbit round it, but are nonetheless equally important.
In a river, there are two types of currents, the main current which flows from upstream to downstream and another which flows behind partially submerged rocks or in the inside corner of a bend, which flows back upstream. This second current feature is called “eddy” and Eddyline is a compound word indicating the line of demarcation between these two currents. To begin the adventure of a river activity (“The River Experience”) this line must be crossed to be able to pass from the eddy to the main current flowing downstream. It is to all effects the passage from one world to another, from one situation to another new completely different one and which each of us will experience more than once in their lifetime. This is how it was for us: changing from working for other schools to the creation of “our own” school and also a counter-current philosophy in the broadest sense.
In each new river we run and each new activity we carry out, the eddyline will be a gateway to a new world to be explored. So just as the technical activities in water, the creation of our idea of “Eddyline” aims to provide everyone an open door towards a new world, that of river sports.
We have chosen Valsesia and Val di Vara as our river basecamps simply because, based on our experience, the Sesia and the Vara Rivers are the most suited to teaching and practicing outdoor river sports, thanks to their morphological characteristics and the varying degrees of difficulty they present. In particular, the Sesia River and its side valleys are one of the few locations where the wild natural environment is still largely intact. An area adapt for both river and mountain outdoor activities, one of the top spots in the whole of Europe. Conversely, Val di Vara is in close proximity to the Cinque Terre area of Liguria, close to the sea, offering a milder climate in winter, in an unspoilt river setting.

The lifestyle inside Eddyline aims to enhance the “pleasure and joy of “hanging out together”, in other words, fostering the communal spirit spontaneously deriving from shared experiences. No-one will ever be able to aptly describe it, you must experience it at least once, this is the “River Experience”.


At Eddyline, safety is a core concept together with the desire to have a great time with friends and to meet new people. For this reason, all the activities are carefully supervised by specialist and qualified staff, selected on the basis of their technical and interpersonal skills, sparing no expense in human resources.












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