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A River, a Stream, Water flowing carrying within the secret of Life.
Water, an element that can be calm and tame and at the same time swift and strong, just like its opposite element Fire, it contains something magical.
It is something that once you’ve tried it, continues to draw you.
River sports represent an open gateway towards a new World, entering a dimension in which the modern world and society are light years away.
Running a river gives you a taste of those sensations and emotions that positively impact your state of mind, strengthening the character and broadening your horizons.
Running a river means living with the river, entering nature that surrounds us, becoming a part of it, escaping modern life and forgetting everything.
Running a river as part of a group means building unexpected bonds and creating indelible memories.
We pause in the relatively calm water of an eddy, a portal opens, we go through it and suddenly the Journey begins, a Journey flowing along the River towards something new, something to be discovered and experienced intensely.
A different Journey in each different River, a different Journey in each different river activity, but a single unforgettable experience:

The River Experience
It can’t be learnt from books or tales,
No-one will ever be able to aptly describe it,
Every one experiences it differently creating an indelible memory
It’s a once in a lifetime experience

Federico Maggiani
Written in the winter of 2006, while travelling in South America

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